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Meta description: Do you want to take your marijuana harvest to the next level? Discover seven advanced cannabis growing methods to promote bigger and better yields. 



7 Advanced cannabis growing techniques

Take your crops to the next level


Did you know there are advanced cannabis growing methods that can increase your marijuana yield?


These techniques work well with all cultivars, including beginner strains, improving the quality and appearance of your buds.


The best part is that anyone can utilize these cultivating technologies. Join us as we investigate these advanced cannabis growing techniques and explain how they work.


Let’s get started.


7 Advanced cannabis growing techniques


Raising marijuana at home is an incredibly exciting experience that promises to reward your efforts with sticky buds. While every weed strain is different in terms of its flavor and effects, not all cultivars produce the same sized harvests.


Using advanced cannabis growing methods can potentially improve your plant’s health, as well as increase its yields 


Below we take you through seven amazing cultivating techniques you can use to take your marijuana garden to the next level.


AI-based monitoring


Artificial intelligence is one of the latest technologies making its way into every industry, including marijuana cultivation.


This advanced cannabis growing technique uses a computer to monitor the temperature, humidity, and moisture levels surrounding crops.


Despite the high cost, these systems have become valuable tools in large-scale weed farms. They ensure plants grow under optimal conditions and promise bigger better marijuana yields.


AI-based monitoring has control over the feeding of your crops, removing the stress of under and overwatering plants.


Using this advanced cannabis growing system allows you to keep an eye on those pesky pests. By using thermal imaging, cameras pick up the presence of any rats and bugs trying to eat your crops.


These AI-based systems also record the progress of your marijuana plants, storing the info in an easy-to-read format. You’re able to track the effectiveness of different fertilizers and receive alerts on potential crop deficiencies.


Sea of Green


One of the easiest advanced cannabis growing techniques beginners can use for better results is the Sea of Green (SOG) method. It involves planting multiple marijuana seeds at once and raising the crops in close proximity to one another. 


Not only does this technique maximize the available floor space, but it also promotes bigger yields. You’ll need to have more than four plants for this advanced cannabis growing method to be effective. 


Indoor cultivators should turn lights on for 18–24 hours while vegetating, followed by a 12/12 light schedule during the flowering phase. Plants also won’t reach their full height, so you’ll need to compensate by lowering your lights.


Screen of Green


Another brilliant advanced cannabis growing technique for getting bigger harvests is called the Screen of Green (Scrog) method. It involves placing a mesh or screen over your plants, encouraging branches to expand laterally rather than vertically.


Cultivators begin by topping crops between the third and fifth node or set of leaves. Light is able to reach more budding sites on the stems, resulting in a wide, evenly-sized canopy. Plus, air circulates better around crops, minimizing moisture-related issues.




Hydroponic farming is an advanced cannabis growing method that involves raising plants in mineral-rich water rather than soil. Crops can mature quicker with a direct line to nutrients and produce bigger yields come harvest time.


This cultivating technique also eliminates the presence of many harmful bugs, making it easier to look after your plants. You’ll need to keep an eye on humidity levels as the constant presence of water can lead to mold without proper ventilation.




One advanced cannabis growing technique that has become a reliable way for organic farmers to increase yields is aquaponics. This amazing setup uses the core principles of hydroponics but with a twist.


The nutrient-rich solution used as a growing medium is recycled through a second water tank containing fish. Most cultivators use tilapia to keep the liquid packed with fresh fertilizer, ensuring your plants are strong and healthy.




Aquaponics is an advanced cannabis growing process that involves raising your marijuana plants in an environment with lots of mist. Instead of having the roots of your crops in soil or submerged in a liquid, they’re sprayed with water vapor.


Marijuana plants have access to water and oxygen around the clock, speeding up their growth and encouraging bigger yields. The technique also allows you to save tons of space, allowing you to raise more crops at one time.


LED lighting


Using LEDs instead of the traditional HPS bulbs is an advanced cannabis growing technique that everyone should adopt. They offer a wider spectrum of light, benefiting your marijuana crops at every stage to promote better quality yields.


Converting to LED lights brings down your utility bill as their demand for energy is very low. They also don’t give off as much heat, helping you maintain a constant temperature and avoid stressing out your plants. 


Take your crops to the next level


As you can see, there are many different advanced cannabis growing methods available to improve bud quality and yield size. While some techniques are more complex and require a bigger budget, others are beginner-friendly and cost-effective, perfect if you’re growing weed on a budget.


So, which of these cultivation methods are you going to incorporate in your next cannabis grow?


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