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What should you be doing now. What happens next? How do you know when it’s ok to put plants outside etc.

In America, spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start getting ready for your new outdoor crop. Growers on the other side of the world, Australia, for example are just getting ready to start harvesting their outdoor crops, and that means it’s time to start getting ready for your next indoor crop. That’s how this plant rolls. You can keep a garden going all year long. Cannabis cultivation is a four-season endeavor. You germinate the seeds and plant seedlings in spring and watch as your plants flourish throughout the summer. Then you harvest in the fall, and trim, cure, and dry the buds in winter. Your plants should begin flowering in late summer. In America, buds are ready for harvest in the fall, usually between late September and late October, depending on the strains.

You need to get your soil or coco ready to go. Fox Farm has a couple of good choices for potting soil, namely Ocean Forest and Happy Frog. Both are great for mixing with the dirt in your back yard. If you plant directly in the ground, you should dig big holes, not deep, but big in diameter. Roots from cannabis plants grow outwards, not down. If you are using pots, felt pots are the best and the tan ones are better than the black ones which get too hot and burn your roots. If you want big plants, go with big felt pots (like 100 to 200 gallon). It takes a lot of potting soil to fill just one of those pots.

You will need to make sure your plants get plenty of direct sunshine so plan your garden away from the house, trees or big hills, and spread them far apart so the branches have plenty of room to grow during the summer without blocking sunlight to other branches.

You will need a good water supply and nutrients. There are a lot of good choices for nutrients. Fox Farm has a good selection of products for the entire life cycle of a cannabis plant (vegging and blooming).

The most important step is choosing great genetics! What do you plan to grow this year? There are a lot of terrific new strains available now that are becoming a huge sensation such as Zkittlez, Runtz and DoSiDos, and there are lots of old school landraces like Panama Red and Santa Marta Colombian Gold that are coming back in a big way. And there are still all the old school hybrids like White Widow, GDP, Tahoe OG, and Super Silver Haze. We have a wide selection of everything you can imagine from high THC to high CBD, feminized autos, feminized photoperiods and even regular autos (males and females).


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