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Auto Great White Shark Feminized

Auto Great White Shark is a cross between a male Lowryder #2 from the Joint Doctor and a female Great White Shark from Green House Seeds. This strain grows taller with bigger buds than any of most other auto-flowering strains. It often will grow white with resin as the name suggests.

Auto Great White Shark is a potent auto-flowering hybrid strain that is known for its ability to provide a strong indica body buzz very quickly. That is why it is often recommended as medicine to treat chronic pain ailments and fatigue. The sativa qualities of this strain keep it from gluing you to the couch, but it isn’t recommended for days when a lot to do. Auto Great White Shark grows best indoors and will flower between 8 and 10 weeks. She has a strong fruity aroma that is very similar to its Super Skunk lineage. Also known as Peacemaker or just White Shark, this strain won the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Flowering period is about 8 to 10 weeks from planting.

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Auto Great White Shark (Great White Shark x Lowryder #2)

Auto Great White Shark is a cross between a male Lowryder #2 from the Joint Doctor and a female Great White Shark from Green House Seeds. It is a tall plant, producing large, fat, resinous buds with orange hairs. The harvest can be expected after 56 days of flowering. The strain can be grown in any growing enviroment.

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2 reviews for Auto Great White Shark Feminized

  1. lankydrum

    Just finishing up week 10 since germination. Trichs are 50% clear/cloud, no amber yet. Started flowering week 4 so possible 2-3 weeks left. Indoor under 220W 3500K COBs at 12-18″ height, in super soil 7 gal fiber pots, these girls got BIG (5′ tall x 2.5′ wide) with a significant internode spacing of 4-8″. 2/2 beans popped and could have squeezed 4 in a 4×4, no more though and that would have been tight. All in all, a solid growing strain, not overly stinky. Definitely had to support the buds with yoyo starting around week 8 as they were coming in dense and heavy and with the height and internode spacing as it was, they were flopping over.

    New420guys seeds is awesome! US based, ship fast and reliably, accept Venmo, free seeds every order, so far 100% germination rate from 5 seeds across 3 strains. Well done!

  2. PopBizzle

    A beauty of an auto that stays hungry and loves lst!!! She will definitely not disappoint in any aspect! Strong genetics that will allow some room for error but will satisfy anyone if treated like a lady!

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