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Northern Lights Auto Feminized

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Northern Lights Auto Feminized, the infamous Afghani Indica is now available as a feminized auto-flowering strain! Since you don’t have to worry about having males and there is no need to even change lights cycle to induce flowering, it’s never been easier to grow this heavy yielding Indica – Northern Lights! The original Northern Lights genotype has been famous for decades as one of the oldest industry-changing strains because it produces so well. She grows well indoors or outdoors but does best under 24 hours of light in a controlled environment and be ready for harvest in as little as 11 weeks. Flowering usually begins in the 3rd week after seedlings sprout in soil, and Northern Lights Auto Feminized is complete within 50 to 65 days. NL Auto Feminized is good for anxiety, pain, stress, insomnia or nausea. Also good for PTSD, ADD and ADHD.

Flowering period is about 65 days from seed.

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2 seeds ($15), 4 seeds ($30), 10 seeds ($75)

4 reviews for Northern Lights Auto Feminized

  1. Dennis Kempher (verified owner)

    My first indoor grow. Very easy. Was not even close to 55 or 60 days like it said. Mine took over 120 and probably could have kept going but wife started complaining about the smell. The top cola is beautiful, it about the size of a Red Bull can and has so many trichomes it looks white. Can’t wait to smoke it…


    Every seed sprouted. 100% success there. The only issues I had were from my lack of experience. Despite my lack of experience, my plants virtually grew themselves and now I have a bunch of weed that I don’t have to buy at a premium at the dispensary! Win!

  3. joetrevino87 (verified owner)

    Just finished up a grow in coco 5 gal indoor. Super easy grow and with a little lst these turn into nice size bushes

  4. smileemptysoul1986

    First one I did in doors. Wish I could post pics. I did two. One was nice big and green with white crystals all over. The other was bigger and turn completely purple. The leaves, the buds too with red hair all over and white crystals. Was totally awesome. No where near 65 days. I had to switch my light schedule for one of them to get it to flower. The purple one automatically flowered and finished beautifully at 120 days. The one I had to induce flowering took 140days and was completely different colors but fire. All together was very satisfying. Little confusing on the one but it’s all good. That was the best strain I’ve grown yet to date and this was a while ago in 2020.

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