Sour 60

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Sour 60 (Lowryder x Masterkush x Blueberry x Sour Bubble) is a super fast auto-flowering hybrid created from a mesh of celebrity strains and designed for speed. She will finish in about 60 to 65 days.

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Sour 60 (Lowryder x Masterkush x Blueberry x Sour Bubble) is a super fast auto-flowering hybrid created from a mesh of celebrity strains and designed for speed. She will finish in about 60 to 65 days.

Indoors, with a light regiment of 18/6, or 12/12, she will do fantastic, but she excels under 24 hours of constant light. Perfect for vegetative rooms, or areas with short summers, Sour 60 is so fast, you can grow several harvests in one short season outdoors. As with most autos, we recommend growing them naturally (no stress training, no topping).

There are two distinct phenotypes, the Donkey Dong and the Purple (see comparison pic). Donkey Dong completes with only a few buds and one huge fat cola. The Purple completes with lots of dense frosty very purple buds similar to a mini Purple Kush.

Excellent meds for pain, stress, insomnia or nausea. Also good for PTSD. Flowering period is 60 days from seedling.

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3 seeds ($9), 5 seeds ($15), 10 seeds ($30)

13 reviews for Sour 60

  1. ellziagould (verified owner)

    If you’re interested in a morning time mellow buzz sour 60 is good. People who are new to medical cannabis could benefit from this strain. Not a heavy buzz and easy on the lungs. A easy grow. Not a heavy yeild but a good auto learning plant.

  2. Brian Griga (verified owner)

    wow from seed to cure. very tasty, sweet, and 60 days no one would believe me, gave a friend a seed, flipped out, if you like something quick in between grows this is your seed. just water. I ran 18-6 . Thank you!!<<>>

  3. Brian Griga (verified owner)

    This time around i used fox farms tri, and holy smoke, There is 50/50 chance on male /female, out of 10 seeds 3 male.Pretty good odds. Thank you Paul!

  4. captpalumbo (verified owner)

    She’s fast she’s sweet she’s short tasty you’re looking for a fast finish this is the one for you she’s beautiful

  5. Andrew Szczygiel

    Im looking forward to trying it out!

  6. Brian Griga (verified owner)

    this run was with /sour 60 /and GDP love it, the smell off those 60’s is Crazy , never thought from start to finish 60 70 days, Iam running all of them 40 to 50 % amber. Hope that’s not pushing it, did it to one other plant, c became a alright….. Bigger the pot, the larger the yield, when I first started with them was using less then a 3 gallon, now, straight from jiffy cup to 5 gallon cloth pot, should be 70, you now you can knock them out while all the other sexy ones, taking there time. lol

  7. Robert Bounds

    Great strain for my first time growing Autos, nice smooth smoke with that sour after taste. Was able to get a few seeds from last run, and have germinated 9 more, hope all are fems but are only a week and a half old, Also running batch of Sour 60 Lowriders, 3 weeks and growing strong. Great Company, Great Service.

  8. GHCGrower (verified owner)

    Service and shipping was great! These seeds arrived very quickly. I have been out of growing for many years. This was the first time for me growing an autoflowering plant and growing in RDWC. I started this plant 10 days before I started the other two I grew. All plants were auto flower. This strain outperformed the other strain in speed and size. I cut this plant at day 80. The trichomes indicated the window for harvest opened at day 60. Very impressive plant. I believe this plant yeilded close to 3/4 pound. The pheno I had was purple. It naturally grew multiple heavy tops. The arouma on this is complex. I get some blueberry and berry as well as skunk and mint smells out of it. The flavor on this strain is mild. I would rate the high as gradua cerebreall and heady leaving you happy and hungry. The high is very functional and not overwhelming. I harvested with 10 – 15 % dark trichomes. This is an excellent strain. I will grow this one again.

  9. Peggy Zinn (verified owner)

    Hello I have got these in a promix and have been going for a month now with just watering them..Must say they are doing splendid..I am doing this run with gdp blast and Laberry Fruta as well..Seeings the time frames of finishing are different..I must say love the site very much…Keep up the awesome work..

  10. James Lima (verified owner)

    Good dependable seeds. Never without at least 1 in the tent. Great speed

  11. Brianna Dunn (verified owner)

    wish I could post pictures of this auto, its 26 inches tall and honestly big for an auto it’s a Super Auto. looks like a Jewish hanukkah candle holder, dont know the name sorry. but its beautiful and the stalk on her is amazin. I reccomend growing in coco using Botanicare products and General Hydro Nutes, she seems to like 6.0 to 6.3 early sometimes 5.7 Early in Veg so I vary between my watering schedule, flower I reccomend 5.3 to 5.8, the smell of this plant is amazing. I’ve had both variations of this plant but prefer the bigger purple because the donkey dong I’ve only gotten to get about 18 inches max. it yields decent but the purple 26 inch monster I got is nice and bushy. with no training she looks like shes trained. I also recommend going the 65 to even 75 days depending on how shes looking and what your aim is I personally prefer the couch lock so I go for 15% amber on this strain, shes tasty especially when using Botanicare Sweet Citrus & Sweet Berry, Both which I Wont let any of my girls go with out and I swair by the stuff. she can handle 95 to 100 degree weather and she swells beautifully. Paul you got you some good genetics with this here. I’ve enjoyed building my garden with your product and will be purchasing again.

  12. Christopher Jaques (verified owner)

    Quick, easy, and tasty.

  13. Michael Brines (verified owner)

    She’s a frosty lil tart. I love her.

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