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G13 Feminized

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G13 Feminized is a very special cultivar. Many years of breeding have gone into the original legendary sativa dominant hybrid strain. It gives you an uplifting sensation while still retaining the heavy hitting undertones. G13 was bred for maximum potency and renowned for its medical use, and it’s definitely not recommended for beginners. The intense aromas and flavours of G13 is a sweet flowery smell with a slight taste of coffee lead to powerful, cerebral effects, and make the smoke worth savouring. This plant grows medium short and compact for a Sativa dominant strainwith large gooey colas and it will stretch if not tied down, and is perfect for SOG and ScrOG gardens. G13 is good medicinal relief for pain, loss of appetite, stress or insomnia. Also good for gastrointestinal issues, PTSD, AIDS, stress, and ADD.

Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks.

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2 seeds ($18), 4 seeds ($36), 10 seeds ($90)

2 reviews for G13 Feminized

  1. Duke Haltom

    Heavy hitting….
    Badass hashish taste fat buds.. I recommend

  2. R.C. Weeder

    Excellent strain. It was easy to grow and yielded 3.3 oz/93g of medium dense buds from a short plant. It’s great for small spaces.

    It’s potent with a long-lasting high that’s very relaxing and pleasurable. I like that there’s little to no fatigue or heaviness, while the mind stays clear. This makes it an excellent daytime med strain for me to vape.

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