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3 Run Homer F3



3 Run Homer (GDP x Fruity Pebbles OG x Bruce Banner 3)

Breeder: Paul Potsmith


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3 seeds ($15), 5 seeds ($25), 10 seeds ($50)

6 reviews for 3 Run Homer F3

  1. Brandon Vorhies

    My seeds will be here in a CPL days, I’ll let everyone know how it turns out

  2. josiahw19

    Two seeds, two very different phenos. Both amazing. Very very frosty. Great taste. Great bag appeal, awesome colors with lots of genetic purple colors. It will change purple without temp drops. Ordered for a second time.

  3. keldog420

    fast growing and healthy eater of my lights and nutes. so make room for this green monster.. 11 fingers

  4. Justin

    high was so good he forget to rereview lmao

  5. Jeff Williams

    Great easy to grow strain,packs a good punch.

  6. Rob Hoffman

    Excellent smoke! Got two phenos both are keepers! Got seven feet tall and just as wide! Will definitely be getting more!!!

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3 Run Homer F3