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Big Star Feminized



Big Star (Big Bazooka x Critical Sensi Star)

Here is the brand new and attractive Big Star (mostly indica hybrid), coming from a cross between Big Bazooka and Critical Sensi Star. Guys, let me tell you right now…if you’re looking for something big, sturdy and with a short flowering time…look no further, you’ve found the perfect genetics. Outdoors, just in the first week of September, you will realize its seriousness. At the end of the third week of September, I harvested its big buds which were ripe to perfection. As you can see, the photos speak for themselves. Not greedy in nutrients, she had the following diet; June 15 to August 15 / 800 ppm and from August 15 to September 7/ 1000 ppm and a rinse from September 7 to 21. Using cheap granular fertilizer (12-2-14) and with only 3 HOURS OF SUN per day to make it grow…so I can’t imagine its yield in better conditions. Resistant to fungi, this plant is of medium height, even 2 -2.5 meters outdoors. It will take shape as an with its large dark green leaves, its fruit will be dense, heavy, tinged with a bright mauve and filled with crystals given its descent from the Sensi Star side. Value on , we are proud to provide you with this genetics which will certainly appeal to beginners to the most experienced.

Big Star can be grown indoors or outdoors and finishes flowering in about 50 days.

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2 seeds ($17), 4 seeds ($34), 10 seeds ($85)


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