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Critical Sensi Star Feminized



Critical Sensi Star (Sensi Star x Critical Mass)

Breeder: Eric Cote’

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2 seeds ($16), 4 seeds ($32), 10 seeds ($80)

2 reviews for Critical Sensi Star Feminized

  1. GenV

    I received this as a free gift. Started and planted this seed first. Your seeds are so easy to start. They all started within 2 to 3 days. The leaves on this lady are wide with a healthy stock. Like the description above claims, the plant is growing short and squat like an excellent indica with plenty of lateral branches. I am growing it outside. I can not wait to see the harvest. I will add to my review then. Thank you Paul.

  2. GenV

    I harvested several buds from my Critical Sensi Star. I am delighted and this strain helped reduce my pain levels. As the description claims, this strain is potent, delicious, and smooth. I will definitely be purchasing these seeds again. Thank you, Paul, for adding this as my free gift.

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