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Rogue One F3





Rogue One (Starfighter x Star Killer)

Breeder: Paul Potsmith


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3 seeds ($15), 5 seeds ($25), 10 seeds ($50)

1 review for Rogue One F3

  1. nosmatthew

    Well rogue one the movie was terrible, but this strain is anything but.

    I grew this outside, organically in a small pot. It was planted 4th of July weekend. I knew this would give me a small plant, but I was ok with that as I had several strains going.
    Grown in happy frog soil, and fed with Alaska fish fert. I topped it early, and it looked just like a small auto when I harvested it.
    This plant had some of the frostiest buds I have ever seen in person, absolutely unreal.
    Flower time went really long, as it was not in a super sunny place. My yield was right about 3oz.
    If I grow this strain again, I’ll use a 50g pot, and would not be even a little surprised if it yields well over a pound per plant.
    I dried it over 11 days, then jarred it still a tad too moist. Left the lids off for a couple days, then commenced curing after about 2 weeks total drying.
    It’s still getting burped twice a week, and it’s been curing 3 weeks now.
    Very spicy smelling bud, and I pick up a bit of citrus as well. The smoke is THICK, dense smoke that will make you cough if you’re not ready for it.
    Two hits from a joint 5 minutes ago and I am fairly well zonked. Would be really easy to overdue it with this strain.

    Highly recommend. Heavy indica buzz.

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Rogue One F3

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