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Rogue One F3


Rogue One (Starfighter x Star Killer) is an indica dominated hybrid F3 that will take you to another galaxy. This is a joint breeder project from several different breeders in California and Oregon and the first of our new 2017 Star Wars series strains. We expect high THC levels well above 20%.

Rogue One is an F3 but there are still a few different phenos to pull from this cross of 2 very strong indica hybrids. At least one of these phenos has a very lemony aroma and similar taste.

It is great for pain relief, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, AIDS, stress, and ADD. Also good for PTSD.

Flowering time: 9-10 weeks. May The Force be with you.



Rogue One (Starfighter x Star Killer)

After Much Dispute… The Underground California/Oregon Breeder’s decided to release.. what we are making TOGETHER!.
“Rogue One”…. Evil Is It’s Name… Alone.. It Can Rule the World!… Pablo is rolling in his grave… and Skywalker is pulling His Lightsaber as we speak… But.. Alas… This Stuff Is Nasty… More Rare than Vader Himself… And More Than Worthy Of It’s Name!…. One Might Even Buy it for the Pheno’s Alone!!!…. Thank You… “Rare Dankness, Exotic Genetix, Happy Little Tree’s, MadCat’s Backyard Stash and New 420 Guy Seeds… For Making this release Possible!…. FOREVER HOLLYWOOD You Crazy Flower Eating Monster’s!!!…


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3 seeds ($15), 5 seeds ($25), 10 seeds ($50)

1 review for Rogue One F3

  1. nosmatthew

    Well rogue one the movie was terrible, but this strain is anything but.

    I grew this outside, organically in a small pot. It was planted 4th of July weekend. I knew this would give me a small plant, but I was ok with that as I had several strains going.
    Grown in happy frog soil, and fed with Alaska fish fert. I topped it early, and it looked just like a small auto when I harvested it.
    This plant had some of the frostiest buds I have ever seen in person, absolutely unreal.
    Flower time went really long, as it was not in a super sunny place. My yield was right about 3oz.
    If I grow this strain again, I’ll use a 50g pot, and would not be even a little surprised if it yields well over a pound per plant.
    I dried it over 11 days, then jarred it still a tad too moist. Left the lids off for a couple days, then commenced curing after about 2 weeks total drying.
    It’s still getting burped twice a week, and it’s been curing 3 weeks now.
    Very spicy smelling bud, and I pick up a bit of citrus as well. The smoke is THICK, dense smoke that will make you cough if you’re not ready for it.
    Two hits from a joint 5 minutes ago and I am fairly well zonked. Would be really easy to overdue it with this strain.

    Highly recommend. Heavy indica buzz.

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