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Trident Gum F3



Trident Gum (Blue Tangerine x Bubblegum)

From the creator of shock trauma, breeder Scott Sedita brings you his own pet project. Pairing the Delicious tangerine and bubble gum flavors (terpenes) together.

“Trident gum”, not to be confused with Trident, a different high CBD strain, has been bred from supreme lineage, as an Indica bubblegum mother was crossed with a super vibrant, blue tangerine male of exceptional vigor and size. Breed, and crossed since 2015, selectively, breeding the best of the best. Finally in 2020 the stock was refined to this beautiful cultivar.

If you’re looking for a strain, that’s a good producer, easy to grow, resistant to mold and weather conditions, a strain with big, sticky buds that smell like oranges and bubblegum then this is the one for you. These regular Sun-ripened Photoperiod Seeds would be great for first time grower’s, as well as any breeder or , strain-hunter looking to  continue on with breeding projects, or just to simply grow some tasty buds.

Trident Gum is very good meds for chronic pain, stress, PTSD and depression. Also helps with suffering from fibromyalgia and PMS.

Flowering period is 8-9 weeks to finish.

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3 seeds ($15), 5 seeds ($25), 10 seeds ($50)


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