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White Widow Feminized





White Widow


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2 seeds ($16), 4 seeds ($32), 10 seeds ($80)

4 reviews for White Widow Feminized

  1. carefreedude1

    I grew 2 of the white widow feminized from seed this year and I was very pleased. One of them got to 17 feet tall. I harvested 23 ounces of good bud off her and 37 ounces off the 2. I got ten seeds here last fall and 8 of them produced almost four pounds of really good bud, this harvest season.. I highly recommend this plant. Gets really big in the right outdoor space. Look for big yield.

  2. mojoesnsoco

    I have a few grows under my belt now and this is one of my favorite strains. I describe the flavor as very cheesy. Best yield for me so far at 2.6g/watt. I got close to 4 pounds of bud from 4 plants in a scrogg.

  3. Gary Freeman

    Great smoke, Easy grow…5′ Tall indoors.

  4. Rob Hoffman

    I got a 2 seed pack and both sprouted! One was a little more bushy than the other, both have very dense bugs with lots of trichomes! Very easy grow! Awesome smell! Taste is of old school sweet piney goodness!! I want to share pics but can’t find out how.

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