Black N Blue F3


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Black N Blue (Blackberry Diesel x Blue Tahoe) is a mostly sativa F2 hybrid (40% indica / 60% sativa) one of the Blue Tahoe crosses introduced in 2015. Black N Blue has a strong berry-diesel smell like her mother Blackberry Diesel, and also like her mother, she is a heavy yielder. This is a very high THC, low CBD hybrid strain with a very loud aroma. The buds are tight and dense and very frosty. Excellent meds for stress, insomnia or nausea. Flowering period is 8 to 9 weeks.

9/2/2016 Indoor crop Lab test: 19.22% THC; .14% CBD

Flowering period is 10 to 11 weeks.


New F3s will be available June 1, 2021

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3 seeds ($9), 5 seeds ($15), 10 seeds ($30)


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